Selena Wong, iPlanners
Senior Manager, Rep. No. SWY300026232

I have known Selena for the past 5 years. She has been an outstanding Financial Planner, with a deep knowledge of the finance industry and the trends.

I find Selena to be a very ethical, straightforward, reliable and trustworthy person. When she commits to doing something, she keeps her word and sees it through. And she gives honest financial advice to her customers.

Over the years, as I got to know Selena better, I realized she is not only a good Financial Planner, she also has a big heart. She cares for the downtrodden, for people with no voice to speak up. She has a compassionate heart.

STW Phang,

Xavier Ang, iPlanners
Senior Manager, Rep. No. KSL2000091961

Samantha took over my policies after my previous GE agent left.

I am very grateful as she has assisted me a lot over the last 10 years.

Samantha did a review with me and helped me to summarise all my policies (including non GE policies) over a few sessions. She patiently explained to me my policies to ensure that I know what I had and what I was lacking. She studied my overall financial status and make sure that I have a comprehensive coverage which was within my affordability. I feel extremely comfortable with her planning as she is someone who always listen to my needs and never pushes any products to me. Over the past decade, she has been following up with me regularly.

In 2017 and 2019 I was involved in two pretty bad accidents. Samantha assisted me fully with my claims and even till to date. I am very grateful that she had proposed the disability income plan a few years back which provided me with a monthly payout during the period when I was not able to work. It has indeed helped me ease my financial situation so that I can concentrate on recovery.

Samantha is one of the most reliable "Life" Planners I have met. I would strongly recommend her to all my friends and anyone out there.

Derrick Ang

Cynthia Toh, iPlanners
Senior Financial Consultant, Rep. No. OYH300186854

I know Jovan since we were teaching together back at Si Ling Secondary School. He is a trustworthy and responsible friend and financial advisor.

He has been handling my insurance & retirement portfolio since 2016 and I am very happy with his sound financial advice and after sales service. I've even referred him to my family and friends.

I am glad that he is doing well in this business and hope that he continue to share his knowledge with many other people like me.

Irene Thong

Xavier Ang, iPlanners
Associate Director, Rep. No. AH200090083

In 2012, based on my concerns Xavier had provided me with ample information and explanation on the choices I had. As a result of his advice, I bought a Life policy with critical illness coverage and also Pay Assure benefits. I never imagined that at the prime of my life; also as a new mother, that I was diagnosed with rectum cancer 2 years later and even had the cancer spread to my lungs earlier this year.

It has been a tough journey physically and mentally for myself and the family. Financially, I am thankfully less burdened as I received the payouts from the policy I bought in 2012.Therefore, I am very grateful and appreciative to Xavier for his wise advice and excellent after-sales service all this time. He is always ever ready to help in following up enquiries and issues with my claims even till today. He even helped to recommend Doctors who he felt would be helpful in my recovery based on his own experience with other clients. He is indeed a friend and a valued trusted advisor to me and my family.

Zoe Yap

Cynthia Toh, iPlanners
Senior Financial Consultant, Rep. No. CTB200089847

Cynthia has time and again proven to be as much a valuable advisor as she is a friend. She is knowledgeable, experienced, trustworthy and passionate about her work. She does her very best to address my concerns and is creative in her solutions. She also goes out of her way to accommodate my difficult schedules and is diligent in ensuring that my best interests are met.

Outside work, I have found her to be very personable and easy to get along with. It has been a real pleasure knowing and working with Cynthia.

Jason Lee,
Director & Assistant General Counsel

Xavier Ang, iPlanners
Senior Financial Consultant, Rep. No. KKH300443764

It was in 2019 when I was thinking to buy hospitalization insurance, and my friend introduced Keline to me.

While I didn't know much about insurance back then, Keline shared with me from the overall structure to the little details and answered all the questions I had. She was very professional and patient.

Soon after I purchased GE's hospitalization insurance, I had an unexpected surgery. Keline was very supportive while I wasn't sure whether my surgery could be covered, she helped me throughout the whole process. Eventually my claim went through successfully and smoothly, thanks to Keline.

Apart from her professionalism, she's also a good friend with a caring personality. I am grateful to have her as my insurance agent and my friend. A big thank you!

Coco Zhou,